Client About Us

I really appreciate if you could give your feelings and experience with Istanbul Catering in LA

Cyndie S. – Aydin catered my mom’s 80th birthday party to rave reviews. We had 75+ guests and everyone loved the food…..    especially the guests with msg and food allergies. Everything was made fresh and to perfection. Aydin also coordinated all the tableware and linens for the event which was a huge help! I would highly recommend Aydin and Istanbul Catering for any event.

Allen Z. – Thanks always for your terrific service!

Jimmy G. – We enjoy most your professionalism, reliability and good quality fresh food and your kindness.

Tom H. – All Great !!!

Darren B. – I will definitely pass your flyer to the other friends and recommend your elegant service. Food was very delicious and tasty.

Diane W. – Thank you for your support  for our school. Fresh and delicious lunch!!

Errol K – Aydin was very kind, Last minute surprise for my wife’s office and everyone loved it ! Cocktails, set up, finger foods and elegant service. Great job.

Doug H. – Let you know that today’s lunch was a huge success! Everything was delicious and everyone raved about those appetizers you made! Thank you!! and thank you again for putting together another lunch for tomorrow on such short notice. Thank you.

 Lisa R. – Everything was great! Food and delivery.

Kristie M. – Wonderful displays. Amazing taste, quality of food!

Rick C– Flavor and quality of food was EXCELLENT.

Julia R. – Excellent food and flexibility… much appreciated!!

Meltem Y.- You guys are the very best! We appreciate the great service, the fantastic food and will continue to return year after year.

Elizabeth M.– Best Lamb & Chicken skewers with spicy tomato dip.

Daniel C. – Delicious food with mediterranean touch.

Marry E. – Best Italian and Turkish food combination and elegant service for our wedding. Highly recommended.

Mimi B. – Fresh food, fabulous and plentiful and everyone loved the food in our crew. Thank you Aydin!!

Sharon F. – Istanbul Catering provided a wonderful buffet to go along with our “Magic Carpet Ride” theme for my Mom’s 80th birthday! Having lived in Turkey for a few years, Aydin’s cooking brought back great memories and every guest, almost 80, loved the variety of different tastes.

Aydin worked with me long distance as I planned a Southern California party from the East Coast! Everything was perfection and I can’t think of anything he didn’t think of and he’s truly a professional!

Presentation and service were absolutely wonderful! Thank you Aydin!

Jessica T. – He is very easy to work with. Always on time, very professional and provides quality food and service with a smile.

Aydin is meticulous about the food preparation and very presentation. Not only do all his dishes taste delicious, they are absolutely beautiful too!

Hulya Katie B. – Great, food. I have tasted his catering on a few occasions and really loved it. It perfectly represents Turkish Cuisine.

I love Aydin’s catering. I recommend it to all. If you ever wonder what is Turkish Cuisine about, I say call Istanbul catering.

Thank you Aydin keep up the good work.

Audrey M. – My travel partner and I had returned from an 18 day trip to Turkey and decided to throw a party for about 20 friends to show our photos. I found Istanbul Catering online and placed a call to Aydin. Over the course of about a week, we put together a menu of traditional Turkish dishes that would accomodate every diet in our crowd – from vegan to total carnivores.

Of course I ordered mezes galore, but Aydin suggested that he cook the main courses at the event instead of in his kitchen ahead of time, saying that the flavor and temperature would be so much better. That made him more like a private chef than a caterer! When I think of caterer, I think of someone who prepares food ahead and drops it off, or perhaps puts precooked food in your oven to keep it warm. Not Aydin!

Aydin was so much more than a caterer or even a private chef and his way with our guests was so wonderful and there was someone always chatting with him while he cooked and grilled. When the meal was over, he didn’t even get to leave because he had become such an integral part of the party by that point.

The food was fresh, fabulous and plentiful. We sent almost everyone home with a “care package” and still had enough for a few more meals. I received calls and emails from nearly every one of my guests raving about the food.

You will not be disappointed. I feel as though I found not only a great caterer, but a new friend as well.

Amy K. – Hired Istanbul Catering again for the LA Derby Dolls’ year-end shebang: again, people exclaiming how delicious everything was, going back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.  I also realized I’m willing to eat eggplant – which I usually refuse to eat – in Istanbul’s mixed veggies.  Awesome.

Judy T. – Absolutely great tasting food and excellent service. I had a wonderful experience with Istanbul Catering in LA. You definitely will not regret trying it out for yourself!

Amanda R. – I actually hesitated at first because I’ve never eaten Turkish food before. I am glad that I changed my mind and met Aydin. He is an excellent chief. He is well mannered, a dedicated person and has reasonable prices. The food was above my expectations. I definetly recommend Aydin to anyone who wants to have a great tasting experience.

Penny M. – I have had food from Istanbul Catering numerous times and can say that it is simply some of the best food I have ever had! The owner loves what he does and that love translates to the food in a really beautiful way. The red pepper stuff (sorry guys I don’t know what it’s called) is incredible with pita bread and on scrambled eggs the next morning. The eggplant dish is exceptional too. The owner will go out of his way to make sure you get exactly what you want and it will be very special. Not like any other party food out there! Call him up and order yourself a unique experience!!

Ed M. – I first had the pleasure of enjoying Chef Aydin’s food at a private party.

I loved it so much that I had him cater the reception at the premiere screening of a film I produced.

I think the food was actually a bigger hit than my film! 

If you enjoy Turkish food, excellent customer service, and very reasonable prices, I highly recommend ICLA.

Kurtis O.- Great food. I’ve had the pleasure of having his catering on a few occasions and it has never disappointed.

Having never had Turkish food before I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I was delightfully surprised with every dish. The Sigara Borek especially is a treat that will make you fall in love with Aydin’s catering.

Sarah S. -We catered from Istanbul Catering for my friends baby shower. The food was delicious, authentic, and healthy! Aydin was extremely cooperative, friendly, and professional. We will definitely order from him again!

Lia T. – Istanbul Catering epitomizes Mediterranean hospitality. The owner, Aydin, anticipates needs you never knew you had.

His generosity makes you feel like a friend is helping you host, rather than an impersonal employee.

The food is great, fresh and delicious. Lots of vegetarian options which is all I can comment on, But G loved the meat items.

A tomato based dip was even better mixed with rice than on a pita.

Add to that the green bean dish and you get a mound of solid satisfaction.

Stuffed grape leaves are savory little taste bombs of yumminess. There was a rolled pastry with cheese inside. I don’t know what it’s called, but they disappeared so fast I only got one! If you get these, order twice as many as you think you need.

Definitely would use this company again and again.

Penny M. – I have had the pleasure of enjoying the food from Istanbul Catering on several occasions and must say that it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Aydin, the owner, is so willing to assist with anything.

Pricing, dishes, special diets, etc.  He is quick to respond and clearly loves what he does.

I could actually eat the spicy, red dip stuff 24/7 – it’s so good!  But then…everything is!

I’ve never been able to “taste the love” in anyone’s food like this!  Call Aydin and have him cater your event/party.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Kelly O. – Amazing food!  Too many things to recommend, but the one thing you absolutely must try out is the Sigara Borek, hands down, the most amazing and addicting treat you’ll ever have!